Westward Vector

"Westward Vector was born one night while discussing Chris West's
incomparable 'Theology of the Body' with some seminarians. Inspired by the
outstanding awesomeness of God and sexuality, we listened to West's
impassioned theological insights on tape, sat down at the piano, and after
thinking long and hard, released the full force of our creative energy. We
are very excited to get up the material to create a full-length pro-album.
All songs are dedicated to Dr. Eugene Curtsinger, who has been teaching
about the intersection of the sexual and the theological since 1956."

Music and Lyrics: Sean Lewis

Additional Lyrics: Paul Heimann

Produced By: Nathan Castellanos and Paul Heimann

Lead vocals, backup vocals, piano, and guitar: Sean Lewis

Shaker: Paul Heiman

The songs:


Daddy's Song

Love in My Eyes

Vector of Aspiration

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